About Busywork.

Where to start? Busywork is a comic. It was create for distribution through the internet. It was artist and authored by "UNCREDITED" (pictured, below). To describe the comic in short it's a "comic that deals in the mundane."

"The comic doesn't really have jokes. It's not that sort of comic, cause it's about life. The sort of life that's not funny. Thats what makes it funny. I mean, it was made as an escape. A way to avoid reality by creating some warped mirror of it. I'd spend most of my day in the office sketching out ideas for them, and when I'd get home I'd take the best ones and draw them up proper. Office work is tortue, and I don't mean that hyperbole. I mean it for real. They take you every day and try and drill in subservience. Wear you down with mundanities and coach you into blind obedience of authority. I had to tune that shit out. I had to. This was my way."

It was originally made a handful of years ago and hosted on UNCREDITED's personal website which has since been lost to time. Luckily, after finding an independent artist in need of a platform we at TTT reached out to set things right. "I'm just glad there's still artists out there helping one another. And making shit just to make it, not like about money or anything. Just about the art."

Comics are uploaded "As and when I can find them. I never really took it that seriously, so the files are spread across 3 or so hard drives and wherever the fuck else I had to hand. But I'll find them."

NOTE: For any fan's from the original website, the pornographic comics will NOT be uploaded to maintain twintowertruth.org's family friendly brand.

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